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We came to work with Sophia serendipitously almost a year ago.

We immediately formed a bond based on trust, truth, and understanding. She realized that the house we were looking for would not be easy to find and she worked tirelessly to make sure we found a perfect fit. Eventually, a house that exceeded all our expectations came available and with shark-like negotiations, Sophia was able to help secure our dream home before anyone else really had a chance. We were thrilled and so grateful! Sophia then turned around and was able to sell our current condo for a record price in the area. We were probably not the easiest clients to work with, but Sophia was patient, available, and clearly explained the processes with us. In the end, we trusted all of her decisions, which paid off in a big way. We are thankful for all of her hard work, kindness, and the random luck that our paths crossed when they did. She is sharp witted, caring, collegial, and very knowledgeable of the housing market. We have recommended her to our house hunting friends and colleagues and know that she will do great for them just like she did for us!

The Campbells

We are so grateful for the time and effort Sophia put into selling our property.

She did it in a swift and professional manner. When our property wasn't selling, our daughter (who had recently worked with Sophia and raved about her) told us we should call her to get the job done. I'm glad we did. Thanks to Sophia our property sold, and now we can truly enjoy our retirement. We highly recommend anyone needing an agent to call her. Thanks Sophia!

Bob and Sandi

Thank you for everything you did to help us find our forever home.

It was a long road, but you kept us on track with your patience, good humour and expertise every step of the way. We thought working with you couldn't get any better...until it came time to sell. WOW! From staging advice to selling strategy, you went above and beyond to get us a great price for our house. It was a pleasure to get to know you and I hope we can stay in touch.

Tom, Rebecca, Clara and Lily

My Mom and I feel very lucky to have met Sophia.

She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Sophia is both friendly and professional, detail oriented, an excellent negotiator and she gives everything she does 110%. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to buy or sell real estate. I can guarantee you will be very satisfied with her work and the home she will find or sell for you.

Dorota Kowalik

My daughter and I were spending a Sunday going to open houses (browsing).

We were not looking for an agent, it just sort of happened. We went into an open house that Sophia was at as a favour for a friend. She was so friendly and non intrusive! A few weeks went by and it was time to get serious about getting a house. We found some places we wanted to look at and my daughter says "can we get Sophia?" So I gave her a call and it has been a wonderful experience ever since. She has worked effortlessly to get us the best deal we could and has been so accommodating with her time! We are set to move in November and she is still working to make sure we can get in when we need to and everything is in order for our big day. I would recommend her to everyone! If you are looking for someone that will work hard to get you everything you need to help you if this is your first time, to make you feel special, and someone who will truly look out for you, then Sophia is it! Thank you, Sophia

Wendy and Sara Ashley

We've had the pleasure of working with Sophia several times.

More recently, I bought a home with her in 2017 and she was so fantastic to work with that my parents decided to buy a property with her that same year. The market was extremely competitive then and Sophia navigated that with impressive skill. When others were complaining they couldn't win at any of the multiple offer situations they were in, we were able to share our positive outcomes. We always felt we were in good hands with her. Sophia's negotiating skills are like nothing we've seen before. She is not only very professional, she is also kind, patient, informative and very perceptive. We just couldn't have asked for a better agent. Now we have sold two of those homes with her and have made an incredible return on our investment. They sold so far over the asking price that many people have been asking how we did it! Our secret weapon is Sophia Fortier. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for strong real estate representation. She truly is the best and we look forward to working with her again.

D. Kowalski

Sophia is a fabulous advocate for her clients.

I recently engaged Sophia to help me find a rental property. Her general business background helped her understand immediately what I was looking for and as a result, she found an excellent property for me. She then proceeded to get my offer accepted in a difficult multiple offer situation. Sophia was tireless in representing my interests. Her knowledge and research skills make her a top tier agent. I would highly recommend Sophia for anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

Michael McCracken

"Nous sommes extrêmement heureuses d'avoir eu la chance de travaillé avec Sophia.

En moins d'un mois nous avons trouvé exactement la maison que nous voulions. Elle était toujours positive que nous allions trouver ce que nous cherchions malgré ce marché très haut. C'est notre première maison, donc avoir ce genre de personne avec nous à fait toute la différence! Nous n'aurions pas pu demander mieux comme agente pour nous accompagner dans cette aventure. Merci encore!"

Marie-Pier et Jenna

We bought our house virtually from out of town, through Sophia.

In other words, we didn't even see it prior to buying it. We had to trust Sophia and her opinion. We couldn’t have chosen a greater agent. She is completely up to the job! She is professional, trustworthy and very hardworking. She never hesitated to give us her honest opinion, even if it meant more work for her. Sophia told us “I will find the right house for you”. And she did. We would recommend her without any hesitation. Nous avons acheté une maison par l’entremise de Sophia. C’est à dire en ligne, sans jamais l’avoir visité. Nous n’aurions jamais pu trouver meilleure agent, complètement à la hauteur de la tâche. Elle est professionnelle, travaillante et de confiance. Elle n’a jamais hésité à nous donner son opinion, même si cela signifiait plus de travaille pour elle. Sophia nous a dit “Je trouverai la bonne maison pour vous” et c’est ce qu’elle a fait. Nous la recommandons sans aucune hésitation.

Rosemary and Marc

Sophia is a great negotiator and very organized.

She's always on top of everything. I don't know how she does it. She made us feel comfortable and no matter how stressful things were, we always managed to have a good time together. I would recommend her without question.

Buyer Client, London Ontario

I was extremely lucky to have Sophia as my realtor.

As a new home buyer, I was hoping I could find someone who would take the time to empathize with me because it is a very overwhelming process. Not only did Sophia do this for me, but she also went above and beyond by providing me with lots of advice and important tasks I needed to complete with regards to owning my first home. She truly made sure I was prepared, informed and ready for this experience. Sophia also negotiated a terrific deal for me, which I am so grateful for. I will choose Sophia again and again!

Holly Burgess

Thank you Sophia for all your awesome work for our family!

We connected with you right away and love your personality and warm yet professional style. We will definitely be passing your name on to everyone we know without hesitation.

John and Christine R.

It's official!

SOLD! Thank you to our amazing agent Sophia Fortier for selling our condo in less than 3 weeks! She also played a HUGE role in helping us find our new beautiful home to raise our boys in. We can't wait to create new memories here. Thank you, Sophia!

Jill and Jon Seara

I worked with Sophia Fortier – Royal LePage this spring 2017 to sell the home I had loved for 19 years.

It was a difficult decision to let go and I’m thrilled with the outcome. The house was listed for 1 week and sold on the first day of offers with multiple offers. All of this was accomplished thanks to Sophia’s incredible work. She brought in a fabulous photographer to showcase my home online, which created much more foot traffic and brought in serious buyers. She personally assisted with staging my home and essentially transformed it within days. She went far beyond what any other agents would do. Sophia moved the sale along quickly and exceeded my expectations for price and closing date.I appreciated her advice, guidance, and expertise. Sophia sat with me prior to the sale, explained the process in detail, and all the do's and don'ts. When it came to negotiating, I was thoroughly impressed with her tenacity. She made the sale relatively stress free and was very professional and dedicated. Sophia is extremely committed to her clients and I would highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!

Lee Ann Bruzas

We moved to London in a very heated housing market.

After nearly 6 months of searching and working with a couple different agents, we were still struggling to find the right house. We met Sophia around this time and when we learned she was a realtor, we reached out to find out if she could help. We had decided on the west end of the city, preferably a certain neighbourhood, and within walking distance of the school our children would attend. Sophia lived and worked in our preferred neighbourhood and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us to narrow our focus and find what we needed. We had expressed that we wanted a home we could live in for at least 5 years with the potential to grow into a forever home, but still a desirable resale home as the nature of our work is such that we may need to move again. Within two weeks she was able to connect us with a potential seller and negotiate a deal that worked for both of us. We now have a great home with fantastic resale potential. We couldn't be happier and highly recommend Sophia to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Rhonda and Colin

"Working with Sophia was the best decision we made when it came down to making arguably one of the biggest decisions of a lifetime.

She was professional, courteous, accessible, resourceful, and always went above and beyond throughout the process. We were fortunate to sell our current home AND buy a new home with Sophia. We couldn't be more pleased and content with the outcome on both sides. Her experience clearly shines through when it comes to any questions or concerns we had and her negotiation skills can't be beat. I would not hesitate to recommend Sophia to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

Zoltan Kiss and Marwa Elkelani

We just bought our very first house and Sophia was absolutely amazing.

She took the time to walk us through the buying process. We had a small budget and very specific location. Sophia was patient with us and provided lots of information. We could not have bought our first house without her. Thanks Sophia, for everything!

Dean Pruder and Seta Hardat

A simple e-mail to ask a question about a property elicited an immediate response and phone call from Sophia.

From there she helped me find a home in a city I knew nothing about - in the midst of a market in which homes were selling very quickly and I had a very small window of opportunity to come to London to search, find and buy. Sophia worked tirelessly to search out properties that fit my criteria - listened to my comments and concerns and responded quickly. By the end of the day I had found the home that best fit my needs. Sophia was at all times professional and helpful, answering my questions and helping me through the process. I recommend Sophia to anyone seeking to buy a home, especially anyone doing that long distance!!

Linda N

"Put simply, Sophia is the first real estate agent in southwestern Ontario that you should call.

She is uncommonly personable, a skilled negotiator, exceptionally professional in all she does, and going the extra mile for her clients is part of her DNA. I wholly and enthusiastically recommend her to everyone in my network looking for an agent!" "Put simply, Sophia is the first real estate agent in southwestern Ontario that you should call. She is uncommonly personable, a skilled negotiator, exceptionally professional in all she does, and going the extra mile for her clients is part of her DNA. I wholly and enthusiastically recommend her to everyone in my network looking for an agent!"

S. Clark

Need to buy or list a house?

This is the person to take care of you. She will leave no stone unturned to sell your property or find your dream home. Spread the word and tell your friends. You won't be disappointed.

Kim Denault

Meeting a customer's initial need is the first step in customer service no matter the field; it's how you go about it and the extra advice given, that separates GOOD customer service from GREAT.

I can confidently say that Sophia displayed EXEMPLARY customer service when it came to her helping me purchase my first home. Buying a first home can be a scary and intimidating thing and I seriously didn't know where to start. I called Sophia up out of the blue (she was recommended to me) and what blew me away was all of her questions; she genuinely wanted to understand my needs to ensure she satisfied them. She walked me through the purchase process, helped me find suitable financing solutions, took me through houses suitable for me, worked around my schedule, and ALWAYS picked up the phone to answer the many, many questions I had. When I finally found the house perfect for me, Sophia was able to close my deal with my initial offer; with the market being as crazy as it was last year, that was almost unheard of. I could go on and on about how great my experience was with Sophia, but the most important thing to note is I would recommend her to my family and friends in a heartbeat—I actually already have! If you need an experienced, caring realtor who truly wants to satisfy your needs, Sophia is your woman!

Andrea Wale

We met Sophia completely by accident and are so grateful that we did.

When we clicked on the listing to find an agent there was no indication the respondent would be a person who is as insightful, skillful, knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate and trustworthy. Sophia is a good daughter, too. She occasionally takes her father along to some listings and he waits in the car. Sophia is well recommended by us as someone with the integrity to get action on your dream home.

June and Steve

From the very beginning, we just knew we could trust you.

We were very impressed by your professionalism, expertise, and knowledge. Thanks to you, we ended up with a great house at a great price and we learned a lot along the way. You definitely deserve the commission you earned. We will be recommending you to all of our friends and colleagues. Please stay in touch. Thank you for everything.

Jason and Christine Zhang

Sophia has provided a range of professional real estate services for me over the last 4 years.

Whether purchasing, managing or selling property I have been impressed by Sophia's commitment, energy and high level of expertise. She has placed my needs first and has sought common sense reasonable solutions for all issues that arise. Sophia is a first class representative whom I trust completely to act on my behalf in all real estate matters. I highly recommend her to all those seeking a truly professional agent who achieves results.

Stuart Groves

Tu peux pas savoir comment on apprécie ton travail.

Merci pour tout. Julie avait raison de dire que tu es bonne.

Bruno Arsenault

“The Utmost Professional.

” This phrase is what I would use to describe Sophia and her customer service. I had experienced a death in the family and was wanting to sell a property. Sophia not only addressed my concerns in relation to the real estate market, but concerns that I had in relation to this type of sale. She was always just a phone call away and keeping me aware of everything that was going on. Without hesitation she should be the first person to call for all your real estate needs.

Andy B

As first time home buyers, Sophia helped us find our dream home!

One conversation with her was all it took to convince us that she was the real estate agent we needed. Her friendly and professional manner allowed her to be both approachable and easy to talk to. When it came down to fighting for the home at the price we wanted, Sophia was the reason we ended up with such a great deal. She helped us understand the 'fine print' that goes along with buying a home and walked us through all of the necessary steps and paperwork. We highly recommend Sophia Fortier as your first or next real estate agent!

Erika & Darren

Sophia was really wonderful with helping us sell our house.

She was very thorough in her research about what houses like ours were selling for and what to do to make our house more marketable. It didn’t matter that we weren’t very knowledgeable about putting a house up for sale. Sophia went over what we had to do step-by-step and with her help, we received multiple offers and sold for over our asking price. Thanks for everything, Sophia!

Garry and Anna

When we were ready to buy a house, I made an appointment with Sophia who I hadn't met before.

I felt comfortable with her immediately. Somehow, I just knew we were in good hands. I tried not to show her how much I liked the house but as soon as I got home, I told my husband "this is it" and I have the best agent to help us. He was convinced by my enthusiasm and with Sophia's careful guidance and super negotiating skills, we bought the house that day, for a price we were satisfied with. Sophia is a fighter...a real firecracker who will make it happen for you. Even our mortgage broker was impressed by her! Her tenacity, genuine caring for her clients, and her tremendous knowledge of the ins and outs of buying a house are beyond anything we had dealt with before. Her ability to remain focused in high pressure situations is a testament to the vast experience she gained in the corporate world which she now applies to the world of real estate. Without hesitation, we'd tell the whole world that Sophia will never let you down. We will refer her again and again.

Moe and Joyce

My future husband and I were first time home buyers.

SAVE SAVE SAVE, that's what we focused on while we waited for the right house to come along. Well we're here to tell you that it doesn't happen that way and this is why you need someone like Sophia! We told her about our living situation (renters) and the top 5 things that we wanted in a home. Sophia looked and looked and looked. She would update us almost daily. We looked too, and when we told Sophia what we found, she very quickly could weed out the good homes from the bad ones.....and believe me, there were some bad ones. I had no concept of the "real estate market" until we started working with Sophia who took the time to educate us. We would never have succeeded in getting the house we did, if it wasnt for Sophia's guidance and experience. I often felt discouraged and willing to sacrifice something from my top 5 just to buy something...anything! But Sophia simply would not let us lose sight of what we really wanted and deserved. We're now very proud homeowners and we truly believe no one else could have found us exactly what we wanted the way she did. I encourage any first time home buyer (or any buyer at all) to work with Sophia. She is so good at what she does and will go the extra mile to make sure you make the right choice. She's not looking to sell you a home. She's genuinely interested in helping you find the RIGHT home for you. Call her, you will be glad you did.

Danielle and Len Devost

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